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Presentations from Carbon Capture and Sequestration Public Workshops

The materials provided directly below were presented on March 5, 2009 (New York City), and March 6, 2009 (Washington D.C.), at workshops organized by NRDC and Environmental Defense Fund and co-sponsored by the Global Climate and Energy Project at Stanford University, Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, Bureau of Economic Geology at the University of Texas, Bloomberg, Massachusetts Institute of Technology Energy Initiative, Pew Center on Global Climate Change and in association with the Joint Global Change Research Institute.

  • glo_09031101a.pdf Caroline Angoorly, Head of Environmental Markets - North America J.P. Morgan, Global Commodities: Carbon Capture & Sequestration: Views from Industry, Part II
  • glo_09031101b.pdf Sally Benson, Executive Director, Global Climate & Energy Project, Stanford University: Carbon Dioxide Capture and Sequestration in Deep Geological Formations
  • glo_09031101c.pdf Tim Bradley, President, Kinder-Morgan CO2 Company: Carbon Capture & Sequestration: The Enhanced Oil Recovery Story
  • glo_09031101d.pdf Mark Brownstein, Managing Director of Business Partnerships, Environmental Defense Fund: CCS Policy Context
  • glo_09031101e.pdf James Dooley, Senior Staff Engineer, Joint Global Change Research Institute: Overview of Selected Issues Associated with the Scale of the Climate Change Challenge and the Potential Role of Large Scale Commercial Deployment of Carbon Dioxide Capture and Storage Technologies.
  • glo_09031101f.pdf Ronald T. Evans, Senior Vice President, Reservoir Engineering, Denbury Resources: Carbon Capture & Sequestration: The Enhanced Oil Recovery Story
  • glo_09031101g.pdf Julio Friedmann, Leader, Energy & Environment Directorate, Carbon Management Program, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory: Carbon Sequestration Risks and Hazards: What we know and what we don’t know
  • glo_09031101h.pdf David Hawkins, Director, Climate Programs, Natural Resources Defense Council: CCS Policy Needs: Reconciling Coal and Climate
  • glo_09031101i.pdf Stephen Heare, Director, Drinking Water Protection Division, Office of Ground Water and Drinking Water, Environmental Protection Agency: EPA’s Geologic Sequestration Rulemaking
  • glo_09031101j.pdf Howard Herzog, Principal Researcher, CCS Technologies Program, Laboratory for Energy & the Environment, Massachusetts Institute of Technology: Carbon Capture & Sequestration Economics
  • glo_09031101k.pdf Gardiner Hill, Director, BP Alternative Energy Global Carbon Sequestration Technology Group: Carbon Capture & Sequestration: Views from Industry
  • glo_09031101l.pdf Susan Hovorka, Principal Investigator, Bureau of Economic Geology, University of Texas: Key Field Studies and Conclusions
  • glo_09031101m.pdf John Mimikakis, Senior Policy Manager, Environmental Defense Fund: CCS Policy Perspectives
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