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The working materials in the NRDC Document Bank are listed in reverse chronological order. For additional policy materials including reports and issue papers, see the Issues section of the main NRDC site.

Palisades Interstate Park Commission Resolution September 2014

Palisades Interstate Park Commission Resolution September 2014 – Resolution by PIPC denying Sterling Forest Resorts the use of any Commission-controlled land to facilitate it’s proposed casino project.

Comments from National Park Service to NYS Gaming Facilities Location Board September 30, 2014

Comments from National Park Service to NYS Gaming Facilities Location Board September 30, 2014 – Comments submitted by the National Park Service to the NYS Gaming Facilities Location Board recommending that the Board does not issue a casino license to Genting Americas for its proposed casino in Sterling Forest State Park.

Written Comments to the NYS Gaming Facilities Location Board 9.30.14.

This Board is now empowered to award four casino licenses in New York from among 16 applicants. The comments relate to our opposition of the clustering of casinos in the Catskills region of Sullivan County and a proposal for a massive casino in Sterling Forest State Park.

Environmental Groups Earth Day Letter to Save the Palisades

10 national environmental groups call on LG to reverse its plans to damage the Palisades with a 143-foot high tower less than 60 yards from the Palisades Interstate Park.

Prevent the Sequester to Protect Our Air, Water, Wildlife and Public Lands: Funding Cuts Will Threaten Jobs, Recreation, and Public Health

An analysis of budget sequestration impacts to the environment and natural resources authored by the Natural Resources Defense Council, World Wildlife Fund, The Wilderness Society, American Forests, National Parks Conservation Foundation, Marine Conservation Institute, and Defenders of Wildlife.

CEO Green Group Pebble Mine Letter (July 23)

A coalition letter from various green groups to EPA in support of its Draft Watershed Assessment’s findings that large-scale mining would cause irreparable harm to the Bristol Bay watershed.

Environmental Entrepreneurs letter to EPA re Watershed Assessment

A letter from E2 to EPA in support of its Draft Watershed Assessment’s findings that large-scale mining would cause irreparable harm to the Bristol Bay watershed.

NRDC Cover Letter re EPA Watershed Assessment Comments (July 23 2012)

NRDC’s cover letter associated with our comments on EPA’s Draft Watershed Assessment of Bristol Bay and the potential impacts of large-scale mining there, particularly the Pebble Mine.

NRDC Comments on EPA Watershed Assessment July 23 2012

NRDC’s comments on EPA’s Draft Watershed Assessment of Bristol Bay and the potential impacts of large-scale mining there, particularly the Pebble Mine.

Brief Amicus Curiae on Reliability and Uncertainty in Science

Brief Amicus Curiae on Reliability and Uncertainty in Science, filed on behalf of the Society for Conservation Biology and American Institute of Biological Sciences, in the Seventh Circuit biodiversity conservation case, Sierra Club v. Marita, May 24, 1994.

In this brief to a federal appeals court, NRDC Senior Attorney Niel Lawrence explains the nature of scientific inquiry, the significance of uncertainty in science, and the feasibility of federal judges evaluating the reliability of scientific evidence on which the federal agencies base decisions affecting the environment.

Tenaska -Taylorville Pollution Comments

NRDC-Sierra Club submitted written comments to the Illinois EPA on draft pollution permits for Tenaska’s proposed Taylorville Energy. Despite the “clean coal” moniker its promoters have tried to use, our analysis shows it to be quite the opposite.

Legal brief regarding the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska

Brief on Behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council in Support of Petitions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Action Regarding the Proposed Pebble Mine Under Section 404(c) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

Green Budget 2013

This report, referred to as the Green Budget, highlights the environmental and conservation communities’ Fiscal Year 2013 National Funding Priorities. The Green Budget, prepared annually by a coalition of national environmental and conservation organizations,1 illustrates how federal investments can help meet the environmental challenges of a changing climate, develop our clean energy resources, and sustain our nation’s lands, waters, and other natural resources.

Is the Trans Alaska Pipeline System in Danger of Being Shut Down?

In this report we analyze whether the Trans Alaska Pipeline System (TAPS) is in danger of being shut down due to declining throughput. We first provide background information on TAPS, including the operating challenges that TAPS has faced thus far, forecasts of TAPS future throughput and its estimated useful life with and without additional investment in the pipeline. We then assess the Low Flow Impact Study ("LoFIS") recently released by the Alyeska Pipeline Service Company ("Alyeska"), the owner of TAPS. Finally, we analyze the projected economic benefit to the pipeline owners from making an investment in the pipeline in order to reduce the minimum throughput.

Green Group CEOs letter to President Obama emphasizing the need to include revenues in a debt limit agreement

Letter from Green Group CEOs to President Obama as debt ceiling negotiations continue, emphasizing the need to include revenues in any debt limit agreement. The letter points out that dealing with the deficit without raising significant additional revenues is quite simply a decision to dismember vital programs on which the public depends, including those that protect health and the environment, provide for conservation and recreation, and maintain critical infrastructure.

Coalition Letter to Christopher C. Ward regarding JFK expansion

Letter dated March 17, 2011 in opposition to proposal to expand JFK Airport into Jamaica Bay to Christopher O. Ward

Tar Sands Pipeline Safety Risks Report Map

This map details the Lakehead pipeline system and proposed Keystone XL pathway, highlighting areas particularly vulnerable to damage from pipelines weakened by diluted bitumen tar sands oil.

Environmental Community Letter to President Obama Regarding Natural Gas Production

While natural gas is cleaner burning than other fossil fuels, it is still a fossil fuel and its exploration and production comes with a host of environmental and health threats. This letter outlines environmental and health concerns regarding onshore natural gas production and the principles that must guide national policy. This is an updated version of the letter sent to the President and includes an additional signatory.

NRDC Letter to The Keystone Center Voicing Opposition to Pebble Mine Project

October 8, 2010 letter to The Keystone Center's Executive Director expressing concerns about the Pebble Mine and the Keystone dialogue series. Note:  Although NRDC is represented on The Keystone Center’s board of trustees, it has formally recused itself from any of the board’s deliberations on the Pebble Mine dialogue.

NRDC Works with Major Timber Buyer to help Save Southern Forests

Major timber buyer, Georgia-Pacific, has announced a new forestry policy that will increase protections for 90 million acres of forests through the Southeast. In consultation with the Natural Resources Defense Council and other environmental groups, GP's new policy commits them to no longer purchasing trees from Endangered Forests and Special Areas, or from new pine plantations established at the expense of natural hardwood forests.

Leahy Letter on Keystone XL

Eleven prominent US Senators have added their voices to the growing concern about the risks of proceeding with permitting the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline.  In a letter to Secretary Clinton, they ask her to answer a series of detailed questions on the environmental and economic impacts of the massive dirty oil pipeline that would run from Alberta to the Texas Gulf Coast.

Whitebark pine comment letter – September 20, 2010

NRDC’s comments on 90-day petition finding for Whitebark pine Endangered Species listing include an array of new scientific research and policy updates related to the growing mortality of the tree across North America.

Whitebark Pine Mortality Assessment Report

The red and grey trees littering the western landscape are a testament to the fact that North America's forests are under assault. And nowhere is it more obvious and dangerous than at high elevations where whitebark pine trees are falling victim to the hungry mountain pine beetles, climate change and blister rust at such incredible numbers that scientists predict they could go functionally extinct in the coming decade. NRDC and the US Forest Service helped fund an unprecedented study of the entire 20 million acre Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem to investigate mortality levels of whitebark pine throughout the region.

Testimony of Nathaniel Lawrence (NRDC) on H.R. 5192, The Forest Ecosystem Recovery and Protection Act

Testimony of Nathaniel Lawrence (NRDC) on H.R. 5192, The Forest Ecosystem Recovery and Protection Act Submitted to the Committee on Natural Resources, Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests, and Public Lands, for its hearing on June 24, 2010.

NRDC Comments on the Draft Proposed Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program, 2010-2015, (January, 2009)

This letter from September 21, 2009, to the Minerals Management Service (MMS) of the Department of Interior (the Department, Interior, or DOI), comments on the Draft Proposed Outer Continental Shelf (OCS) Oil and Gas Leasing Program, 2010-2015.

Letter to Governor Paterson Requesting a New EIS for Natural Gas Drilling in the Marcellus Shale

A letter to Governor Paterson, urging him to request that the DEC abandon its fatally flawed draft EIS which proposes to allow gas drilling using hydraulic fracturing in the Marcellus Shale and elsewhere in New York State.

Memo to NRDC's Corporate Greening Partners About Kimberly-Clark

Recently, Kimberly-Clark announced that it will incorporate higher levels of Forest Stewardship Council-certified (FSC) fiber into the manufacture of its tissue products. This memo is intended to clarify what this announcement means, and NRDC's reaction to it.

A Letter to EPA Administrator Jackson Urging EPA to Account for Indirect Emissions From Land Use Changes

A letter to EPA Administrator Jackson, urging EPA to account for indirect emissions from land use changes in its analysis of biofuels’ lifecycle greenhouse gas emissions for the proposed rule on the Renewable Fuels Standard (RFS-2), as required by the Energy Independence and Security Act of 2007.

Prominent Scientists' Letter to President Obama

Leading climate and natural resource scientists write to President Obama about the critical role of American wildlands in meeting the challenge of climate change.

Temporary Restraining Order to Stop Land Leasing in Utah

Temporary Restraining Order preventing the Bureau of Land Management (BLM) from moving forward with the leasing of more than 110,000 acres of Utah wilderness.

Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction Requesting that Judge Urbina Enjoin the Issuance of Oil and Gas Leases for Utah Wildlands

Environmental and preservation organizations today filed their Motion for a Temporary Restraining Order and Preliminary Injunction requesting that Judge Urbina enjoin the issuance of oil and gas leases for Utah wildlands.  The government has until January 8 to file a response.  Plaintiffs SUWA et al. will have until January 14 to file a reply brief.  The motion argues that the Bureau of Land Management approved the Moab, Price and Vernal Resource Managment Plans and the leases at issue without completing the analysis and providing the protections required by federal law.  Plaintiffs contend that BLM violated the National Environmental Policy Act, the National Historic Preservation Act and the Federal Land Policy and Management Act.

Joint Agreement Regarding How to Proceed with the Bureau of Land Management's (BLM) Auction of More than 100,000 Acres of Utah Wilderness

This public record is a joint agreement filed with the court last night regarding how to proceed with the Bureau of Land Management’s (BLM) auction of more than 100,000 acres of Utah wilderness. The agreement between BLM and a coalition of environmental and preservation groups will prevent BLM from issuing leases on 80 contested parcels of Utah wilderness for thirty days, or until January 19.

Complaint Seeking to Stop BLM from Selling Utah's Wilderness to Oil and Gas Companies

Lawsuit filed today by a coalition of environmental and preservation groups seeks to stop BLM from selling Utah’s wilderness to oil and gas companies.

A Petition to List the Whitebark Pine as an Endangered Species

NRDC is petitioning to have the whitebark pine tree added to the federal Endangered Species list. The tree is native to much of western North America's mountain habitat and has seen significant decreases in number due to an array of new threats brought on by global warming.

Testimony of Nathaniel Lawrence on S. 2593, the Forest Landscape Restoration Act

Submitted to the Committee on Energy and Natural Resources of the United States Senate, April 1, 2008.

Comments on the BLM Draft Programmatic Environmental Impact Statement for Oil Shale and Tar Sands Development in Colorado, Utah and Wyoming

The Bureau of Land Management issued a draft plan for industrial development of oil shale and tar sands resources on public lands in the Rocky Mountain region at the expense of all other uses.  This plan would be devastating for wildlands currently valued for wildlife habitat, clean drinking water, outdoor recreation, wilderness qualities, and more.  It would also greatly increase global warming emissions.

A Golden Opportunity to Protect the Grand Canyon and Reform the 1872 Mining Law

Group letter advocating for reform of the Mining Law of 1872 moving through the Senate.

Exhibits: U.S. Forest Service Efforts to Avoid Environmental Review

The following exhibits pertain to testimony presented by Nathaniel Lawrence, NRDC senior attorney, on June 28, 2007, before the U.S. House of Representatives Subcommittee on National Parks, Forests & Public Lands of the Committee on Natural Resources.

The Foothill-South Toll Road: Fact vs. Fiction

Exposing the truth about the threats a new road poses to one of California's most popular state parks.

A Common Vision for Transforming the Paper Industry

This document, drafted by several environmental groups, sets forth goals for pulp and paper manufacturers, suppliers, purchasers and governments to work toward an environmentally and socially sustainable paper production and consumption system.

Ecological Components of Endangered Forests

Find out exactly what makes a forest an endangered forest, according to guidelines developed by several leading conservation groups, including NRDC.

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