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The working materials in the NRDC Document Bank are listed in reverse chronological order. For additional policy materials including reports and issue papers, see the Issues section of the main NRDC site.

Letter to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management from the Natural Resources Defense Council and other organizations, dated October 26, 2015.

Letter from the Natural Resources Defense Council and other organizations to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (BOEM) alerting the agency to the availability of significant new information pertaining to the agency‘s environmental analysis of Atlantic geological and geophysical surveys, and urging that a supplemental environmental impact statement be undertaken.

Maps of Areas off Southern California Protected from Certain Navy Sonar Activities

In a recent settlement, the U.S. Navy agreed to protect habitat through the end of 2018 for the most vulnerable marine mammal populations, including endangered blue whales for which waters off Southern California are a globally important feeding area; and numerous small, resident whale and dolphin populations off Hawai'i, for which the islands are literally an oasis, their only home. These maps from the settlement indicate where certain Navy activities will be limited.

Politico ad, running March 5, 2015, calling on President Obama to halt planned seismic exploration for oil and gas off the Atlantic coast, which would threaten whales and commercial fish populations

Leading ocean scientists from the U.S. and around the world today urged President Obama to halt a planned oil and gas exploration program off the Atlantic coast involving millions of underwater sound blasts that would have "significant, long-lasting and widespread impacts on the reproduction and survival" of threatened whales and commercial fish populations.

Letter to President on seismic oil and gas exploration in the U.S. mid-Atlantic and south Atlantic coasts.

Letter to the President regarding concern over the introduction of seismic oil and gas exploration along the U.S. mid-Atlantic and south Atlantic coasts.

Petition to list the Gulf of Mexico’s Bryde’s whale as an endangered species

The small, resident population of Bryde’s whale (Balaenoptera edeni) in the Gulf of Mexico is a unique subspecies with fewer than 50 animals. The population faces a suite of potential threats in the Gulf’s industrialized waters, along with the population’s extremely small abundance, low genetic diversity, apparently limited range, and exposure to numerous anthropogenic threats, leave it highly vulnerable to extinction. The Gulf of Mexico Bryde’s whale qualifies as a distinct population segment and, given its vulnerability, must be listed as an endangered species under the Endangered Species Act.

Scientists Letter: Better Science Needed Before Atlantic Seismic Surveys Allowed

Over 100 scientist sent a letter to the Obama Administration urging them to do a comprehensive review of the best available science before allowing the permitting process for oil and gas seismic exploration to begin.

IMO Guidelines for the Reduction of Underwater Noise

Guidelines from the International Maritime Organization for the reduction of underwater noise from commercial shipping, to address adverse impacts on marine life.

New Science On Impacts of Navy Sonar

A letter to the California Coastal Commission that details recent scientific studies, which confirm the harmful impacts of Navy sonar training and testing on Southern California marine mammals.

Waste in Our Water: The Annual Cost to California Communities of Reducing Litter That Pollutes Our Waterways

This August 2013 report, prepared by Kier Associates for NRDC, analyzes the full costs that California communities bear to keep litter and waste from polluting waterways.

NRDC v. Jewell Settlement Agreement

The agreement filed in federal district court today, in the case of NRDC v. Jewell.

Mid-Atlantic offshore wind and right whale agreement

A letter to the Bureau of Ocean Energy Management announcing an agreement between environmental groups and leading offshore wind developers to incorporate measures to protect right whales during Mid-Atlantic offshore wind development.

USWTR Summary Judgment Order

Judge Wood's order denying plaintiffs' motion for summary judgment and granting defendant's motion for summary judgment in a lawsuit that challenged the Navy's decision to build and operate a 500-square-mile undersea warfare training range next to the only known calving ground for critically endangered North Atlantic right whales.

Industry Letter in Support of the National Ocean Policy

Letter to congressional leadership in support of a NOP from more than a dozen representatives of ocean and coastal-based industries (from fishing to offshore wind).

E2 Supports the National Ocean Policy

Letter to Senate leadership in support of a NOP from more than 200 business and professional leaders.

The Joint Ocean Commission Initiative Supports the National Ocean Policy

Letter to congressional leadership in support of a NOP from the Joint Ocean Commission Initiative.

Environmental Groups Support the National Ocean Policy

Letter to congressional leadership in support of a NOP from more than a dozen leading environmental groups.

Legal brief regarding the proposed Pebble Mine in Alaska

Brief on Behalf of the Natural Resources Defense Council in Support of Petitions to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency for Action Regarding the Proposed Pebble Mine Under Section 404(c) of the Federal Water Pollution Control Act.

Global Goal and Commitments to End Plastic Pollution

NRDC will be working with other NGOs to get Member Nations and other relevant bodies to sign on to this commitment document at the Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development this year.

Global Declaration on Plastic Pollution, submitted to the UN Secretariat in advance of the Rio+20 Earth Summit

NRDC joined members of the Catto Fellowship program of the Aspen Institute and 24 other NGOs in submitting a call for immediate action on marine plastic pollution, leading up to the Rio+20 Earth Summit.

FDA documents provided to NRDC

This document includes excerpts of email correspondence and tables between FDA and EPA staff members referencing the development of the Protocol for determining when Gulf of Mexico waters could be re-opened to fishing after the BP Oil Spill Disaster. The correspondence was provided to NRDC in response to a Freedom of Information Act in request and personal identifiers were redacted by NRDC.

First Amended Nitrogen Consent Judgment

Citizen Groups reach legal settlement with NYC and State to clean up Jamaica Bay

Report of the IUCN/NRDC Workshop to Identify Areas of Ecological and Biological Significance or Vulnerability in the Arctic Marine Environment

Prepared by Lisa Speer and Thomas L. Laughlin, November 2-4, 2010. This report presents the findings of an international workshop held at the Scripps Institution of Oceanography in November, 2010 to identify ecologically important and/or vulnerable areas in the Arctic marine environment that should be considered for protection as the ice melts and industrial activity surges in this fragile ocean.

NRDC & Other Group Comment Letter to California State Water Board on Proposed Amendment to Once-Through Cooling Policy, November 19, 2010

Comments of NRDC and 21 other groups to California State Water Board OTC Policy Amendment, November 19, 2010

Testimony by Lisa Suatoni at House of Representatives hearing on “The BP Oil Spill: Accounting for the Spilled Oil and Ensuring the Safety of Seafood from the Gulf”

Testimony by Lisa Suatoni, Senior Scientist in NRDC’s Oceans Program, before the House Committee on Energy and Commerce, Energy and Environment Subcommittee, Hearing on “The BP Oil Spill: Accounting for the Spilled Oil and Ensuring the Safety of Seafood from the Gulf,” addressing dispersants, the government “oil budget,” and seafood safety.

NRDC and Gulf Coast Community Letter to Department of Labor

Letter requests U.S. Department of Labor to take specific steps to protect the health of fishermen and workers working in oil-contaminated areas post BP oil spill.

Letter from NRDC President Frances Beinecke to President Obama regarding scope of independent investigation of Gulf oil disaster.

The letter to the President recommends that the independent commission being established by the President be given a broad mandate to investigate the causes of the Gulf oil disaster spill, the adequacy of the response, the regulatory changes needed to protect the environment and prevent such a disaster in the future and the implications of its findings for determining the location and extent of future offshore drilling.

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