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The working materials in the NRDC Document Bank are listed in reverse chronological order. For additional policy materials including reports and issue papers, see the Issues section of the main NRDC site.

Retrofit Chicago Commercial Building Initiative Best Practices Report

Chicago's unique partnership to showcase energy efficiency efforts in the city's biggest buildings is delivering impressive savings less than two years into the program. NRDC is a partner in the effort and has documented both the achievements of the buildings participating in the intiative, as well as key learnings that outline techniques other municipalities can employ to garner similar savings.


Southern California Survey on Transportation and Land Use Planning

The Natural Resources Defense Council, Move LA, and the American Lung Association conducted a poll of Southern California voters in October 2011. The poll found strong support greater investment in public transportation and for walkable mixed-use development.

Letter urging New York State and New York City to support wholesale farmers' market in Bronx's Hunts Point

NRDC and about 40 other organizations have joined together to encourage New York State and New York City to support a much-needed wholesale farmers’ market in the Hunts Point area of the Bronx. The group submitted a letter to state and city officials, calling on them to ensure that the market becomes a reality for New York City.

9th Circuit Decision in BIAW v. Washington

On June 25, 2012, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Ninth Circuit ruled in favor of Washington State in a challenge brought against Washington’s building energy efficiency code. NRDC intervened to defend the code.

NRDC letter to HUD and USDA on building codes and loan 4-21-2011

Request for HUD to Comply With Requirement that All Houses Securing Loans Insured by the Federal Housing Administration Must Meet the 2006 International Energy Conservation Code Standards.

Group Letter to HUD and USDA on building codes and loans 4-26-2011

Model energy codes for houses subject to Federal Housing Administration and US Department of Agriculture mortgage programs.

Coalition Letter to Christopher C. Ward regarding JFK expansion

Letter dated March 17, 2011 in opposition to proposal to expand JFK Airport into Jamaica Bay to Christopher O. Ward

Finance Priorities for Existing Authority -- Commercial Properties

Identifies three priorities for the named organizations (NRDC, Real Estate Roundtable, USGBC, and JCI) for Administration to make meaningful impact in near term.

Using Residential Patterns and Transit to Decrease Auto Dependence and Costs

This study presents the earliest methodology for predicting household automobile travel from neighborhood density and transit access. Analysis by John Holtclaw for NRDC, June 1994.

Quantifying the Third Leg: The Potential for Smart Growth to Reduce Greenhouse Gas Emissions

This report reviews the existing literature on the potential for smart growth and related policies to make a significant contribution to reducing greenhouse gas emissions, and attempts to draw conclusions about the likely magnitude of such a contribution.

Existing Endorsement and Rating Systems for "Smart" Development With Reference to Best Development Practices

An Analysis by Laura Bruce and Kaid Benfield, NRDC For the LEED-ND Core Committee, Spring 2004.

The Runaway American Dream: The Case for Smart Growth in America

Monograph by Kaid Benfield, director of NRDC's smart growth program, October 2005.

Location Efficiency as the Missing Piece of The Energy Puzzle:

Presented at the 2004 ACEEE Summer Study on Energy Efficiency in Buildings, Asilomar, California, August 2004.

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